Twinadoes Take South Carolina


Hi friends! Summer is upon us and my tribe is VERY excited. We have a lot of  things planned for this summer and some things will probably prove to be quite the adventure with the twinkies. We recently kicked off summer by traveling to South Carolina to see family. My husband is originally from the palmetto state and my mother, father and sister in laws all still reside there. I have to tell you, the anticipation of taking this trip gave me some extreme anxiety. The first time we flew with the twinkies, we had two extra people accompanying us and four extra hands to help make things a little easier. This go-around, it was just me and William braving it with the twinadoes. I couldn’t help but wonder how the logistics of everything was going to play out.

We (surprisingly) got packed up, left the house and arrived at the airport on time. We let the kids roam the airport a while in the hopes of tiring them out so they would sleep the better part of the flight. There were, for sure, a few judgmental glances and aggravated individuals watching these two peanuts crawl and walk in all directions through the gate. But, I really didn’t care considering we were trying to make the flight a more pleasurable experience for ALL PARTIES.  We boarded, got seated, and things we going seamlessly. But I know better than to trust it when things are going just a liiiiitle too good.

While preparing for take-off, the captain makes a glorious announcement telling us that the flight time is one hour and a half. A manageable time for parents traveling with two unpredictable toddlers. We taxi for a bit and then to my dismay, come to a stop. A second announcement delivers crushing news: we are being held up and rerouted. We sit for an hour on the tarmac, then our re-route adds another hour and a half on to our flying time. By the time we got in to the air the twins had had enough.

The duration of our flight included kids being switched back and forth between mine and William’s lap (you cannot have more than one lap child in a row so William and I both had to pass babies back and forth across the aisle, and neither of us could get a break where our laps were baby-free,) shoving things in the twins’ mouths varying from pacifiers, a boob, and a multitude of snacks to keep them quiet, and many apologies to the people sitting in our general vicinity. I’m sure we didn’t contribute to their “worst flying experience” ever, but we definitely weren’t the family you wish for on your flight.

Once we arrived at got settled, things were great! My mother and father in law loved being able to spend time with their grandbabies. We shared a beach house about an hour and half away from Charleston with my sister in law and her three young kids and it was so much fun watching the twins interact with their big cousins. It was a very cool experience, as their mom, seeing how they are developing and interacting more with those they are around. We took them to the beach for the first time and both were beach bums. Little girl was definitely more adventurous and little dude needed a little more time to get comfortable on the beach but they both were sandy and sun kissed and smiling. And of course, there was another member in this club of “mom’s of multiples” set up with her family on the beach a few yards from us  she came over and said hello.  She told us about her kids (she had two older ones and her six year old twins were the babies) and she made sure to tell us that IT GETS EASIER.  I always love running into fellow twin moms who can relate to the chaos and when she said that, it brought some relief to know there are other moms out there who are still managing… and smiling!

We stayed in Charleston one more day after leaving the beach house and took the kids to the aquarium which kept them entertained for a little while and then it was time to pack up once again and head back to the airport.

The flight home, in comparison to our arrival in South Carolina, was much smoother-sailing. We took off (relatively) on time and flying time was short enough to where both kids slept almost the duration of the flight. Once arriving back at our parked car at a site off JFK I felt like superwoman. We had done it! I had such a sense of accomplishment that William and I had worked together (with only one argument!) and spent seven whole uninterrupted days with our little family. I think we really needed the break. I don’t know that I’d like to travel with the twins all of the time like that; it was a TON of work and it was exhausting and overwhelming but it was great to know that if we wanted to, we COULD do it.

We have a few more trips planned over the next couple of weeks, but those, thank goodness, are road trips. What’s the best vacation you’ve taken with your kids? Or the most cringe-worthy travel experience you’ve had?


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